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The Research Chair in Obesity carries out its own research activities, but also supports some activities of a group a researchers from the Québec City Area specializing in molecular biology, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, respirology, cardiology and surgery, who find interest in the causes, consequences, and treatment of obesity.

The activities of the Obesity Research Chair are defined along the following programs:

  1. An exhaustive basic research program on the physiologic, energetic, cellular, molecular and genetic aspects of obesity;

  2. A clinical research program on the characterization of massive obesity and its treatment by the biliopancreatic bypass surgery technique;

  3. An annual international symposium with the aim of developing a consensus and a major publication on a fast moving topic area with contributions from world renowned basic or clinical scientists;

  4. Twograduate courses for medical residents, graduate students and postdoctoral trainees on the etiology, consequences, treatment, and prevention of obesity;

  5. Continuing education initiatives and seminars serie for physicians and other health professionals;

  6. Communication and networking initiatives for researchers, clinicians, graduate students, and professionals worldwide involved in research, prevention and treatment of obesity;

  7. The maintenance of the Obesity Research Chair website is intended to promote the initiatives of the Chair and to disseminate quality information to heath professionals, the general public and the medias on the prevalence, causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of obesity.

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