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Preventing obesity in children - public policies

Weight Management

A Parent's Guide to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Helping Your Overweight Child (WIN)
Helping Your Child Lose Weight (AAFP)
Helping Your Child Keep a Healthy Weight (AAFP)
Trim Kids
Book. 12-week program addresses the nutritional, emotional, and physical essentials for safe, effective weight management
Parents Guide (Shape-Up)
Childhood obesity: Parenting advice
ABC's reports NEW
Your Child's Weight (CNRC)
Help your Child with Successful Weight Management

Programs and Tips

School Foods Tool Kit
Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC)
adaptable school/community approach to educate, motivate, and link kids and adults (KidLinks) to make healthy living a habit
Healthy School Meal Resource System (USDA)
information to persons working in USDA's Child Nutrition Programs
Take Charge of Your Health: A Teenager's Guide to Better Health (WIN)
Obesity Prevention 10 Tips
Nutrition and fitness education program for kids
Promotion of healthful eating and physical activity among kids


The Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children
Children Nutrition Programs in USA
Tips to Healthy Food for Kids (CSPI)
Menu Plans for Children
Eating Out Kids' Cuisine: "What Would You Like With Your Fries" CSPI
What Are They Feeding Our Children? CSPI
10 Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity For You
A brochure for kids from 9-15 years

Physical activity

Canada's Physical Activity Guide for Children and for Youth
Proposal to the school environment against school disengagement from physical activity (Director of public health, Quebec)
Fitness for children (President's council)


Childhood Obesity: A Food and Nutrition Resource List for Educators and Researchers
Book: Child and Adolescent Obesity; Causes and Consequences, Prevention and Management

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