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Prevention of overweight and Obesity

The medical and scientific communities are facing the daunting challenge of achieving control of the accelerated progression of obesity and its complications particularly in the child population.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and requires a global and multifactorial approach focusing on prevention.

A concerted action is called for a more appropriate identification of the biological, social and environmental factors responsible for the obesity epidemic in the adult, child and aboriginal populations, also affected by diabetes, a direct consequence of obesity. We need to undertake major studies for a better assessment of the state of health of the population, as well as studies on long-term prevention and treatment interventions that should reach well beyond our conventional approaches. A concerted intervention is also required on all levels and on every factor constituting a barrier to prevention and treatment.

To that effect, it is important to take action way beyond the medical field to curtail obesity. We need to take action in a concerted way on all levels and on every factor that constitutes a barrier to prevention and treatment. Not only medical authorities, but also the municipal, provincial and federal governments, public health sector, food industry, etc., need to be involved

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